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    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Hey guys. Im back to my little blog.
    Thanks to my pretty girlfriend, she help me to fix with those blog stuffs.
    Now is already 5.35 am, but she force me to update my blog.
    Never mind~ Hope tml will be a better day for u and me.
    Good night guys, ops. Should be good morning. yawn~

    5:34 AM

    Thursday, October 1, 2009

    Snice Ah Jon asked me to update, then i update lo.
    Btw i'm not really want to post out last time de picture de, but just kinda miss skaing.
    Find one day gonna go skate myself alone to relax myself.
    Nowadays stress over working things family things and so on...
    I think one day i'm going to be stress out, and the day is coming.. i guess.
    This few days saw my buddys all change alot already.
    Terence is in army right now, Ocl & Wayne is studying hard for his O level, Jiahui with his new poly life, Zhiqiang at his secondary sch life as per normal & AhJon with his Ite hairdressing course and having holiday now.
    Hope no matter how busy we are, must find one day for gathering once awhile.
    I have already consider for very long, saving money for buying bike for myself.
    Hope my parent and girlfriend will approve me to do so.
    This Saturday going celebrate with my family and cousins they all.
    We will be having bbq session @ woodland there bah, i also not sure where is the venue.
    Long time never gather together and eat and chit chat together le.
    I just brought 2 Hello Kitty shaped moon cake for my girlfriend and her mum.
    2 for $15 only, i brought it becos it was unqiue and nice..Hope they will like it.
    I think my girlfriend will take a picture of it and post in her blog.
    This few days feel like remain silent, don't wanna be joker or entertain ppl anymore.
    Too tired to do so...
    Tml is my offday.
    Morning my girlfriend will be helping AhJon to cut hair.
    Afternoon going funan sch to perm her Ahma's hair.
    Night still dunno yet.
    Thats all.
    Good Night..

    10:54 PM